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Avantrex Communications has now incorporated a new service offering in the area of small businesses networking.  With the broad base of experience available here at Avantrex, we are well-equipped to plan, design, implement, or troubleshoot your company's network.  Proficiency in technologies such as Local Networking, Routing, Switching, IP Telephony, Firewalls, WAN Connectivity, and DWDM allows us to address a wide variety of networking, telephony, and communications needs.  In addition to the services represented above, Avantrex can also provide expert advice and design recommendations in the areas of audio streaming, server management, and application planning.

The incredibly wide variety of technologies in which we are able to address customer needs at attractive prices should be reason enough to call us today.  Before starting your next communications project, see firsthand what the Avantrex advantage could mean for your company.

Available in selected regions of the United States.

Call 877-418-6264 for details.
Consultations about optical fiber networks
New building installations
Retrofit during remodeling
Uninterrupted service during installation
Available in major urban regions
Online account management
Online progress statements
Extremely attractive pricing

Senior Consulting Engineer -- Project Experience

major financial institution in NYC  

  Performed a thorough network audit at the site including all ports, servers, and network hardware
  Worked with a team to design the new internal ENS architecture within the site
  Procured necessary technical information and produced client deliverables for major milestones of the project
  Was instrumental in the ordering, delivery, and receiving of hardware for the ENS project
  Installed new ENS hardware in accordance with the recommended design
  Evaluated the current WAN connectivity and recommended interim WAN solutions
  Performed a critical support engineering role to ensure that all technical issues were appropriately addressed
  Compiled a migration plan for moving all services and users to the new ENS network

major chemical corporation  

  Installed the switching and routing infrastructure at a major chemical process plant including 100+ buildings
  Tested and certified the finalized network and turned it over to the existing operations group
  Performed a complete assessment of the current voice and video systems at multiple plant and corporate sites
  Developed the voice and video campus network design with associated documentation for multiple locations
  Frequently interacted with customer contacts to gain useful site information and generate accurate designs
  Participated on a team of consultants to gain preliminary approval of all site assessment info and design choices
  Interacted with multiple levels of engineering and management to complete project goals in a timely manner
  Prepared and submitted the final overall project deliverable documentation to the customer

City of New York Police Department  

  Deployed the infrastructure for a 311 non-emergency calling system at all of the precincts in New York City
  Installed and configured Cisco hardware connecting precincts to Police Headquarters and the call center
  Provided support for many teams working on the project in order to meet an extremely aggressive timeline

major electronics corporation  

  Performed a Network Traffic Assessment between major corporate sites
  Provided a detailed breakdown of all traffic, applications, and sessions traversing the corporate backbone
  Recommended changes to improve traffic flows, limit rogue activity, and increase effective network bandwidth

premier brokerage firm NYC  

  Installed, calibrating, and testing a multi-ring Nortel DWDM metropolitan area network
  Designed metro DWDM optical networking solution between data centers in NY and NJ
  Recommended a DWDM hardware solution for the backbone of a major financial institution
  Tested and evaluated multiple vendors' DWDM hardware functionality, reliability, and scalability
  Wrote DWDM Technology and Design white papers for the internal transfer of optical networking knowledge
  Verified interoperability of DWDM hardware with LAN switches from various vendors
  Evaluated CSU/DSUs for recommendation of a replacement managed solution for WAN circuits
  Produced optical networking technical documentation for informational and ROI justification purposes
  Performed the lead technical role in ensuring customer satisfaction on a team consulting project
  Assist in identifying and securing future business opportunities in the optical networking and DWDM markets
  Lead engineer / presenter for Optical and DWDM training both internally and to corporate clients
  Perform worldwide technical interviews for senior level optical solutions engineering positions

Technical Skills:

Protocols -- TCP/IP, OSPF, IGRP, EIGRP, RIP, DLSW, IPX, Appletalk, DECnet, NetBEUI, ATM, BGP, IPv6, NTP, NAT, HSRP, SNMP

Hardware -- Nortel Optera Metro 80/5200 DWDM/EDFA System, Lucent OLS-40G DWDM System, Cisco Cerent 15454 Metro DWDM System, Cisco 7500, 7200, 7000, 4700, 4500, 4000, 3600, 2500, AGS+, AGS, MGS, AS5200, AS5300, Catalyst 6500, 5500, 5000, 3000, 2900, 1900, Canary Repeaters, HP/Bay/Nortel/3Com Hubs, Sun Ultra SPARC, BoxHill Storage Systems, Dell Poweredge, SGI O2, Xylan Omnistack, Stratacom, Network General Sniffers/Distributed Sniffers, USR Modems, Paradyne 3600(CSU/DSU rack), 3610, 3611, 3161, 3811, 3821, 9124 FrameSaver, Verilink DSUs, Cray DSUs, Adtran CSU/DSUs, Smartbits Test System, Digital Lightwave OC-3/12/48 Optical Test System & Spectrum Analyzer, OTDR, Optical Power Meters

LAN -- 10/100/Gb Ethernet, Token Ring, Thicknet, Thinnet

WAN -- DWDM, SDLC, SMDS, T-1, F/T-1, T-3, Frame-Relay, ISDN PRI/BRI, PoS, ESCON

Systems -- Cisco IOS, Nortel OPTera System Manager, Windows 2000/XP/NT/ME/98/95/3.1, Solaris, Linux, Mac OS, NetWare 4.11, IRIX

Software -- MS Office, BackOffice, FrontPage, Visio, HP Openview, Nortel Preside Management System, Remedy, Synchronize, Claris CAD, Works, Filemaker Pro, Word Perfect, Lotus Notes, Backup Exec NT, NetObjects Fusion, Netscape FastTrack, IIS, CA Unicenter, TotalNET, Gauntlet Firewall, Dynacomm3270, VTAM, TCAM, HP JetDirect, NetXray, Sniffer Pro, OPTiGence ( Optical Intelligence Network Analysis Modeling Software)

Languages -- C, C++, Java, Visual BASIC, HTML, Bash, FORTRAN, Pascal, Prolog, Scheme, BASIC

Additional Work Experience:

Lucent Technologies  

  Network Systems Consultant / Engineer
  Consulted at a major stock clearinghouse to design and implement network architecture changes
  Performed troubleshooting of SNA, routing, switching, printing, and application problems for customers
  Trained client staff to understand, design, and troubleshoot internal and external networking problems
  Determined network capacity needs and directed upgrades to facilitate continued network expansion
  Implemented the redesign of an ISDN dial backup for multiple frame-relay networks
  Researched DWDM and optical networking solutions for future deployment

International Network Services  

  Network Systems Engineer
  Participated in a WAN frame relay network design and implementation project at a major telecom corporation
  Utilized Netsys to analyze router configurations and optimize the design and operation of a global network
  Modeled a Stratacom frame relay network with Cisco routers in a lab setting to test Y2K and WAN configurations
  Performed an audit of purchased and installed hardware at a global telecom corporation to justify expenses
  Acted as a leading engineer in the redesign and implementation of a national corespondent network to the NYSE
  On call for a leading online stock trading network as well as multiple financial corespondent networks
  Executed Y2K hardware and software router upgrades for leading pharmaceutical corporation
  Engineering a site disaster recovery plan for a NYSE clearinghouse including recovery of over 750 circuits
  Assisted in the design and configuration of an SNA / DLSW network using Microsoft's distributed link services

Rutgers University Computing Services  

  Telecommunications Analyst
  Involved in the architecture and design of the RUNet 2000 plan to build a high performance network at Rutgers
  Wrote QoS / CoS white paper for endorsement as a university networking policy
  Trained student workers to install, and configure multiple routers with various routing and routed protocols
  Researched new protocols and determined their future applicability on the Rutgers network
  Designed a network for NJIN statewide connectivity of 46 colleges in New Jersey
  Assisted in planning and implementation of the Rutgers Internet 2 backbone and the MAGPI GigaPoP
  Was responsible for managing work of student employees
  Maintained departmental NT LAN and performed administration and development of internal/external web services

Rutgers University Computing Services  

  Student Telecommunications Analyst
  Tested, installed, supported, and upgraded LAN/WAN equipment including routing and switching hardware
  Wrote and edited configuration files and conducted daily network operations for a network of 200 routers
  Assisted in planning, implementing, and troubleshooting network topology changes
  Researched Video on Demand applications and the design of a network to support video
  Assisted in the evaluation of routing in our domain and proposed solutions to continuing problems


Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY
  M.S. Telecommunication Networks (in progress)

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, NJ
  Rutgers College -- B.A. Computer Science, Minor: Political Science

Cisco Systems -- Routing Basics, Advanced Routing, Network Management, Catalyst Switching, Cerent 15454 (DWDM) System

Nortel Networks -- OPTera Metro 80/5200 DWDM System, OPTera Metro (DWDM) Engineering, SONET S/DMS

Seminars -- Implementing IPv6, Voice-Data Integration, Layer 3 Switching, Enterprise Network Management

Certification -- Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Pursuing Additional Certifications Including Nortel Networks Optical Design Specialist Certification