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Avantrex Communications provides long distance telephone services in Canada, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the United States, and the United Kingdom.  Plans here are for the United States.  For other countries call 877-418-6264.  Call for details on alternative local telephone service & provisioning fast (broadband) internet service. Information about the provider of Avantrex local and long distance telephone services is at Provider - ACN.

U.S. Long Distance Telephone Service

Global Fiber-Optic Network
All Plans Available in 49 States and U.S. Territories including
Puerto Rico, Guam, Saipan and US Virgin Islands

International Rates -- Excellent rates to all countries
Flat-rate 15 cents/min call to anywhere in Mexico 24/7

The price for a long distance telephone call has recently increased for AT&T, MCI, and Sprint customers.  Avantrex Communications in contrast offers lower rates that are constant, thus Avantrex is a leader in the industry.  Compare carefully -- Many companies have restrictions or costly hidden charges.  Here, all long distance minutes are billed in 60/6 second increments (6-second billing after the first minute), a savings of several dollars per month.  Intrastate rates are among the lowest in the industry.  Remember that regardless of carrier there are additional charges -- a Universal Service Fund Tax is charged to all telecommunications customers, but carriers differ in the percentage; the USF fee here is 9.9% (residential) and 8.39% (commercial).  This is assessed on all interstate and international calls and the monthly fee.  The PICC Fee is $0.00 for single-line accounts; $3.25 per line on multi-line accounts.  State, Federal, and Local excise taxes are extra.  Generally these will be equally weighted across all carriers and will add a proportional amount to every carrier's bill.  All rates are subject to change without notice.  For more information please call toll-free --

Residential Plan I
4.9 cents/min Interstate all week.  Monthly fee $ 4.99.
Intrastate & intraLATA rates vary by state.
6-second billing after the first minute.

Home Toll-Free Number included at no extra cost--
    Call home from anywhere U.S. & Territories, 10 cents/min.

Residential Plan II -- "Choice 30"
30 minutes of free state-to-state calls per month.
Flat $1.99 a month!
Additional state-to-state minutes at 8.9¢/minute.
6-second billing after the first minute.
Optional discount international rates for $3/month.
Around-the-clock customer support.
Other features the same as Residential Plan I.
Best plan for volume less than $10/month.

All Residential and Commercial Plans
Include Calling Cards
High Volume Commercial Plan
$1,000+ usage/month
Rate Quotes and Bill Analysis on Request

3 Commercial Plans for Small Business
    Small business, work at home, church, non-profit company.
    Intrastate & intraATA rates vary by state.
    6-second billing after the first minute.

Business Toll-Free Number        No Monthly Fee !
Plan 1 --
5.9 cents/min Interstate all week.
Minimum usage $10 per month.

Plan 2 --
5.8 cents/min Interstate all week.
Minimum usage $100 per month.

Plan 3 --
5.7 cents/min Interstate all week.
Minimum usage $500 per month.