Making a Decision to
Start a Business

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Going into private business, as an independent associate with a network multilevel marketing company, involves deciding YES in favor of several ideas --

1.  GREAT COMPANY -- The company you associate with is solid, has integrity, is moving forward with research and product development, has great staff and scientists and doctors, and they help their independent associates.
2.  POWERFUL ECONOMIC SECTOR -- The economic sector of the company is strong, growing, active, attracting attention, and has favorable demographics (the supply of potential customers). The company is positioned at the forefront of the economic sector -- the cusp of the high tide wave, at the frontier.
3.  PRODUCTS THAT WORK AND ATTRACT YOU -- You are attracted to the company's products/services -- you like the products/services, and know they work, therefore you are comfortable with endorsing them with enthusiasm.
4.  BELIEF IN YOURSELF -- You believe in yourself, that you can make and fulfill a commitment (one made to yourself) that requires persistence, that you have the talents to be successful if you apply yourself, and that you are prepared to invest in your own personal development to assure success in a new venture.
5.  WILLINGNESS TO GIVE TIME AND EFFORT -- You are ready to devote time (either part-time or full-time) and effort to launching a new business. (Part-time can be as little as 4-6 hours per week.) You recognize that persistence is the key to success, and you are ready to make a commitment to persist until you succeed.