Are you looking
to make some changes
in your life?
Do you want to create a better future for yourself and those you love?

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Have you thought about what it would mean
to get out of debt,
and have time and resources to do
what you really want to do?

Take charge of your life.  You have the capability.  Use all of your talents and focus on taking the steps to achieve your dreams.  If you like, we'll help you define your future -- your destiny of freedom -- freedom in time, finances, optimum health, and hope for every day to be a step forward, not sideways or backwards.
We'll help you find a way to
·  spend time with the people you love
·  do the activities that you value
·  achieve an income you choose
·  work whenever and wherever you want to
·  travel, with time to enjoy it
·  enjoy enough wealth to meet your needs
              and help others too
·  watch your income grow according to your own effort,
              not set by a boss.

Take a minute to complete the Questionnaire below.  You'll immediately gain a clearer vision of your future, just by answering the questions for yourself.

And then be bold -- send us the answers!  We'll respond to you within 48 hours.  We'll talk with you to discuss your answers.  As we talk, we will be learning whether the business opportunities we offer seem like a good fit for you.  One might be for you, and then again maybe not.  But, no matter whether you want to hear about our businesses and go forward with us or not, we're happy to share thoughts to help you make the most of your life.

We are confident of this -- the business advice we offer is certain to help you --
           you will discover a sure way
           for you to obtain financial and time freedom,
           and for you to realize your dreams, whatever they may be.

There's no obligation in taking the Questionnaire.  If you start a business like one of ours, you will always be in charge of your own business, and you have the same potential to build your business as much as anyone else using our system, doing and earning all that we are.

The future is up to you.  Everyone makes choices.  What is yours?

The next few paragraphs are very important -- please read carefully.

Here is our basic perspective --

Everyone has a particular way of living -- personality, family style, religious faith, goals, job, hobbies and activities, location, housing, and so on.  While some people think alot about all these "life-choices," and try to carefully select among options, probably more people are haphazard in the decisions they make.  For example, most people don't think they can improve their personalities, but successful business people know they can, and must!--in order to succeed.  They spend a lot of time on personal development.

As another example, think about life goals.  Some people know very early in life something like "I'm going to be an engineer" or "I really like music."  Others have no idea what they will do for a living, and after some school they get a job, anything that brings enough income to live on.

The difference between these two lifestyles is this -- one person seeks a goal, while another moves through life being bounced around like a billiard ball.

No one can control everything in life.  We are born with certain attributes and a given body-type.  Other people do what they want, not necessarily what we want.  Most natural events are beyond our control.

However, we can optimize our opportunities and take charge of our future to a surprising extent.  And we know, deep down, that the harder we strive to reach a goal, the more likely we will succeed in getting there.

Your future depends the most on what you yourself do.  You can accomplish most of your goals, and realize your dreams, if you really want to.

Along the way, you need basic things to be healthy and you need the resources to accomplish your goals.  That is, you need income, and you need it soon enough in life to free you for the various things you want to do.

While some jobs provide high income for work you enjoy, many jobs do not.  Your dreams and goals grow dim, when the income is barely sufficient to just keep you working.  And over time you may want to do something new.

What are your dreams? -- Write them down.
What are your goals? -- Write them down.

If you're fully satisfied with life, then you don't need to read further.  But if you have health concerns, debt, not enough income for extras or retirement, too little time for the people you love, and you see no way out, consider a part-time or full-time business of your own to change your future.

The questions below will help you see what you're already willing to do, hoping to do, and ready to do.  They will also show you where you need to think and plan more deeply.

Now take the Questionnaire, and when you're done, go ahead and submit it to us.  We're interested in helping you, and working with you as a potential associate.  After looking at your answers and talking with you briefly, we'll both know if further business contact would be mutually beneficial.

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